Our Clients

Each company we helped to implement sofisticated applications with full remote development

Kickmaker (Juin 2022 - October 2023)

Scaling of a fleet management application (from 400 to 8000 bots with a response time of less than 50ms) and simplification/performance improvement on existing code to switch to the Akka paradigm.
Overhaul of legacy code to eliminate application bottlenecks.

Mission objectives:
➡ Rearchitect existing application under Akka with local integration under Docker Compose. Using Akka Cluster and Akka Streams to improve performances
➡ Implementation of unit tests and integrations to increase application stability
➡ Modification of Helm deployment scripts to migrate to Kubernetes
➡ Project management (recovery of requirements and development entirely in English for a team in Boston)

Asalog (August 2021 - May 2022)

Transformation of the alpha version of the gas station monitoring application into an industrializable version named NGKeeper

Mission objectives:
➡ Create a scalable and robust microservices infrastructure on Azure with Docker/Kubernetes AKS.
➡ Integration of CI/CD on the 3 environments
➡ Improve overall response time by integrating a Redis cache, RabbitMQ messaging queue
➡ Simplification of API requests with GraphQL
➡ Integration of monitoring and logging tools (Grafana, Loki)

Opal (March 2021 - June 2021)

Development of a web application for the management of purchases from suppliers. The platform allows arbitration between the supplier and the buyer on purchase orders in case of disputes.

Mission Objectives:
➡ Creation of the backend in Symfony 5
➡ Creation of the frontend in VueJS
➡ Document exchange space (invoices,...)
➡ Writing and designing specifications
➡ Implementation of DevOps tools (Docker, Jira, Confluence, CI/CD pipelines)
➡ Notifications via email during several workflow steps
➡ Export of orders to Excel format

Stad Services (Jan 2021 - March 2021)

Development of an ANTS (Agence nationale des titres sécurisés) collector. In charge of creating the v2 of the API as well as updating the v1 to be compatible with the new version of the photobooth.

Mission objectives:
➡ Creation of a v2 Symfony API
➡ End-to-end encryption (NGINX/Symfony via x509)
➡ Development of a Bitmap filter to JPG2000 with PKCS7 encoding
➡ Integration of an admin interface to access data
➡ Improved API v1 to work with data model v2
➡ Implemented DevOps tools (Docker, Jira, Confluence, CI/CD pipelines)
➡ Documentation generation via Swagger / OpenAPI 3

Asalog (March 2020 - August 2021)

Development of the backend of a monitoring application for gas distribution stations (CNG, GNV) in a team of 4 people (joined after 9 months of starting). I'm in charge of the study, the design, the development and the integration of the logical busines (API back ASP.NET Core Azure).

Mission Objectives:
➡ Creation of the API for data provisioning.
➡ Writing and design of specifications
➡ Retrieval of gas measurements from a SigFox device
➡ Creation of dashboard configuration linked to station data
➡ Front/back user security management
➡ External data retrieval via FTP and consolidation

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